• Dont Fence Me In1:15

  • Rockin Robin0:34

  • Thats Amore1:22

  • Chattanooga Choo Choo0:48

  • Swingin on a Star1:09

  • Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You1:14

  • Music Music Music1:04

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Music Bingo 1 was so successful that I created Music Bingo 2.   You will receive 20 bingo style cards with song titles randomly placed in the spaces and a CD with 50 new song clips from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.   Each player receives a card and is instructed to cover the free space.  The leader plays the CD, pausing after each track to give the players time to identify the song title.  Watching the faces of the players light up as they hear a memory-evoking song from their past adds an extra measure of enjoyment for everyone.  The player needs to remember the song title in order to find it on their card and part of the fun while searching the card is singing along with the CD.

Music Bingo 2

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  • Bye Bye Love1:04

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