Elder Group Games was founded in 1994.  Music Bingo was our first product introduced during this year and it was received enthusiastically.  With an outpour of positive feedback  throughout the years, Our customers inquired about a new edition of Music Bingo for a new generation of elderly. With this in mind, Music Bingo was created in 2005. Lucky Letters was introduced in 2007.  Now it is time again for

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adapting to the ever changing needs of their consumers, regulating agencies, policies and progress made in that particular profession. However in my 30 years of experience with the elderly, certain things didn't change. Those things that hadn't changed was that most elderly loved to play bingo and also responded positively to music (of their preference and younger years). So it seemed logical to me to combine these two concepts. This was also a way to include the frail or cognitively impaired elderly who may have difficulty playing regular bingo to participate. Everyone can enjoy listening and moving to music. And we continue to do so through the generations. Thus was the creation of Music Bingo. Also obvious to me was that Activity Staff that were working directly with consumers providing activities have a challenging task. Factors including lack of resources, funding, limited assistance from available staff, little training and inadequate prep time makes our job even more challenging. It became a passion for me not only to create therapeutic games and resources for the elderly, but resources for the activity staff in mind, ones that were easy to facilitate and not overly costly. Hoping to make a difference for you and your clients. Thanks for stopping by!


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a new edition of Music Bingo – the Jukebox Edition. This edition will be available soon so keep checking our website. Elder Group Games  mission is to provide fun therapeutic programs for the elderly population.  Activities that can  include the frail and cognitively impaired elderly.   Programs  that are not to difficult to facilitate, nor are too costly or time consuming to plan, but yet engaging and therapeutic for the elderly. We at Elder Group Games  hope these products can help! Thanks for taking the time to visit.  Keep making a difference in your clients lives!

Hi. My name is Diane Lombardo. I graduated from Western Michigan University and hold a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy. I have worked with the elderly for over 30 years in a variety of settings ­ nursing homes, assisted livings and adult day care programs. Early on, I was fortunate enough to acquire a job as an Adult Day Care Director when Adult Day Care was in its infancy stages. It was during this time I first learned about and became quite fond of working with Alzheimers and Dementia clients. It was also during this time I truly realized how therapeutic music was for these folks. At the beginning of my career back in the early1980's, the field of music therapy was relatively young. Since then, the profession has grown in leaps and bounds, grown in scientific research and credibility. Most professions evolve with the times,

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